Hearing Protection/Conservation for Family Members


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Sep 27, 2021
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For those who have a family history of hearing loss or hearing defects please make sure that your family members are always protected. My dad used to be a musician when he was younger and he started his trouble with hearing loss around the age of 40. My grandfather lost his hearing after the Vietnam war. I guess we have sensitive ears but our line of work is always loud and noisy. I'm a musician too, just like my dad. He's a punk and grunge type of dude and maybe that's the reason why he didn't even tell me not to get too exposed to loud sounds considering our family history of hearing loss. I don't have children yet but DAMN IT! I'll make sure they avoid losing their sense of hearing. I only lose my left ear's hearing but it's a really big change. I now wear custom filtered earplug for my right ear just to protect what's left of my hearing. So educate your family about hearing loss, hearing protection and hearing conservation just like how you educate them about any other sense or body part.