Hearing mom of 2 deaf kids


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Hi, I'm a hearing mom with 3 kids, 2 are deaf, the third is apraxic. My deaf kids attend a deaf school.

We use ASL every day in our home But even after all these years my ASL is terrible compared to native signers. I can't keep up.

My husband, however, has a talent for languages and picked up ASL pretty fast. Between the two of us we somehow manage.

joined this board because we sometimes have issues with one or all of our kids regarding communication and I'm not sure what to do.



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Welcome!! Keep practicing. Especially when the kids are gone for the school year. You're doing great by using it in the first place.


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I see you're in Cincinnati. That's a fairly large town. Are there deaf events, deaf clubs, etc. that you and your hubby could attend? More practice for you. Immersion makes a lot of difference.

It's great that you are trying!


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Apraxia? Did you know about St. Rita's Say and Sign program for kids with apraxia? It's awesome your kids are in deaf school!!!! :)


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Welcome..Learning a language is one thing, being role model for your children is something else.
Only when you yourself emerge in sign language you might be able to keep up with your kids, or even be a role model...

But the most important thing is that you have your communication with your kids.

Enjoy AllDeaf..