Hearing loss looking for friends

Sarah Falcón

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Hey there, my name is Sarah, I´m from México.

This quarantine I realized that It have been a while since the last time I had deaf friends or since I met a hearing loss person, and I realized that is why life have always being quite lonely at the times to experience situations that only people with our conditions could understand.

So, if you all don´t mind, It would be good to maybe find friends and on the way learn more ASL.

Have a good day.

Sending to you a big hug.



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Greetings from old analog , tell us a story :welcome:


My name is Ali

I am new here! I am from USA, NC and I am heard of hearing and know Basic sign language and would love have ASL partner to continue learning more ASL so if you interested being my ASL partner then please let’s me know!

Thank you

Much love ❤


God bless


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Hey, my name’s Erin. I’m not familiar with most ASL, but I’m totally up for learning it with others. I wear hearing aids, and everyone I know is hearing, so in the past there’s never really been a reason for me to. I think it’s a good idea for me to learn it though, because I might feel more connected to the hard of hearing community. Also anyone who just wants to chat, feel free to message me.