Hearing, Language Lover in Maryland


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Let me start off with saying that I'm not taking any ASL classes, I have no deaf relatives, and no, I haven't seen Switched at Birth. :giggle:

Now that's out of the way, hi! :wave:
Just finished my first year of college and I'm double majoring in Computer Science and Foreign Language (Spanish concentration). For years, I've had a fascination with language: six years of Spanish classes, two years of self-taught Japanese, and now six months of self-taught ASL.

I'm glad to have made an account here! Looking forward to meeting some nice people.


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It is better if you go into the ASL class than to do self taught as you might make mistakes on the proper way to sign. Otherwise we will be offend if you don't sign properly. So try going to the ASL class whether you like it or not. You have took foreign language in college (Spanish) but want to learn self taught which is not the way to go. :(


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^^ Offended? I am not going to be offended. Probably have a hard time understanding them, and not really want to spend a long time trying.


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Unfortunately taking ASL classes is not an option for me. None are offered at my university, which I am trying to change, and they weren't offered at my high school.

I have been using a combination of online resources, like LifePrint, to teach myself. At university I've made friends who took classes in their high schools, and even a CODA. These are all helpful for real person feedback, just not from any Deaf.
There are a few deaf coffee chats in MD and there's a large deaf organization, and I know of a group that meets on saturdays in Prince George's County at a restaurant there (more like a diner, not expensive). There are many places you can meet up with dhh who sign and get some real practice. Also, there are community colleges that teach ASL as well. Feel free to private message me after you've reached your post minimum (isn't it something like 10 posts? or am I thinking of a different board?) and I can ask my friends if they know of a place or group of people near you