Hearing ASL student looking for dDeaf participants for liberal arts study


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Howdy again y'all,

I'm currently researching for a paper regarding the effect globalization has had on dDeaf communities. I'm interested in how dDeaf people communicate with each other worldwide and where each person originates. This is my first attempt at research, meaning I may not get all the information needed upfront, but I have a couple of ideas.

Would you mind replying with your:
1. place of birth, age, hearing status (born deaf, gradually went deaf, HoH, etc.)
3. first language
4. current language
5. any interaction with someone who does not share a common language
6. your opinion on ASL
7. your opinion on International Sign (IS)

In advance, I want to say thank you to anyone who participates. If you are not comfortable answering these questions on a public forum, please feel free to email me at mjperezo@CougarNet.UH.EDU