Hearing Aids


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*cartoon of 2 figures talking. first one asks "did the doctor give you your test results" the 2nd replies "yeah. looks like all those years of phone sex caught up with me, i have hearing AIDS."


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Hahaha... I remember my deaf friends and I making similar deaf jokes.

"Did you know that I have AIDS?"
"Whoa... seriously?"

"I have HIV."
"Whoa... seriously?"
"Of course, I have the Hearing Impaired Virus!"


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:giggle:I love that one...

I worked in a doctors office one time and had to look at some hospital records on a patient-- it said he wore "Hearing Accuired Immune Deficency Syndrome"s... (hearing aids) it was apparently dictated to a software program that was supposed to spell things correctly and it misundersood what the doctor was saying!! So it used the medical term for AIDS instead of hearing aids...

I had to laugh about that one for a while...:giggle:


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I've known some ppl who would pull off this joke IRL lol. I was like wtf the first time I was told this in ASL. Once the punchline was delivered I was like oh damn.

That was during the 1980s.