HEALTH and deafness!!!!


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I've researched health and deafness to a great extent, looking for solutions to problems that I've had.

I personally have Waardenberg's ssyndrome, inherited from my father. My father, grandmother and great grandmother all had it, however, none of them wore hearing aids. They all suffered from the other health issues that come with Waardenbergs, most often manifested in weight gain after hair turns grey in mid 30's. I'm 35 now, and am dealing with the same issues. I also see other people who have Waardenbergs who are obese. Personally, I am 6'1" and 245lbs. I would like to get back down to 200 lbs at some point. Fasting is the fastest way to lose weight if you know what you are doing. I recently went from an average of 255 to an average of 245 with a 4 day fast. My low on the last fast was 239.3. Can't reccomend a course of fasting more for anyone struggling with various health issues as long as you don't poison yourself with extra drugs from not eating.

Regarding Waardenberg's syndrome, I have done some Google searching and basically, looked for the gene that caused Waardenberg's- I couldn't tell you exactly what the gene was right now. Then, I went the other direction and asked what minerals/vitamins are affected by that gene. For Waardenberg's in particular, I found out that it was magnesium and Vitamin D that were affected by the gene. My father drank a gallon of milk every day for thirty years. I always wondered why- until I figured this out- milk is fairly high in magnesium and vitamin D. Personally, I have had chest pains that I have never quite figured out where they came from, but I did figure out that if I take magnesium on a regular basis- my chest pains go away and I get BM's on a fairly regular basis. Without magnesium supplementation my weight will just keep rising.

I also take iodine on a semi-regular basis along with selenium- right now I haven't taken iodine for awhile and I am having tinnitus in my right ear. Got that from banging on a tin roof when I was 21 years old without hearing aids on. Not too smart. If I have noticed, I believe the tinnitus is greatly diminished when I'm taking iodine. If you do a google search for iodine and hearing loss you will find a great deal of information. Iodine will also help protect you from flouride in the water which is a whole nother story.

I also take cod liver oil, specifically Carlson Cod Liver Oil- costs $50.00 a bottle but I don't always take it so a bottle will last about six months. It's supposed to be a 100 day supply- still a bit over 3 months. That is for the vitamin D in it as a natural supplement as compared to something with refined vitamin D.

I also use a light box in the winter months. Have been using it for a week or so when the weather really gets cold and dark and it really helps with depression.

I also take Blackstrap Molasses. This really should be organic. They are high in magnesium and iron. I forget what exactly I take that for but like everything else- I take it in moderation. I don't think it's a good idea to get into taking something every day of my life so I just take it on a occassional basis. Sometimes I take it for a month, sometimes I don't take it for several months.

One favorite meal of mine is "Chinese Potatoes". Take potatoes, grate them up, soften them in boiling water, put them in a stir fry along with other vegetables, top with cheese, salsa, and sour cream. Makes a complete meal and doesn't cost all that much. I've read that if you eat potatoes and dairy you will have all the nutrition that you need.

I've been researching this for many years now, this is what I like to do in my down time, get on the computer, find a topic, and research the heck out of it. I don't write papers, but I remember many things that I've read and put the stories together.

Please add anything you've found that helps your health and/or ask questions. If I can answer I will. I don't have a degree in anything like this and anything you try is at your own risk. My eddication is just a Google PhD amassed over 25 years of research online and from buying a few thousand books and reading them.

I don't much care for the normal medical system as they want to keep you sick and functioning so you keep feeding them money until you're dead.


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I don't much care for the normal medical system as they want to keep you sick and functioning so you keep feeding them money until you're dead.

Yes, the normal medical system is not good at all. Better to switch to a holistic or neutraceutical way of healing. All-natural products with no chemicals that cause complications.