Headphone for TV and DVD movies.


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My hearing aid doesn't work anymore. I am looking special kind of headphone that works for Deaf and H/H to hear better while watching cable tv and DVD movies when you plug the cord into TV. There do have wireless or wired headphone in any stores. Which one is best for deaf and HH people to use? I would love to enjoy the sounds from tv and movies. Anyone can recommend any kind of headphone that works the best for all of deaf people. I know home threater is good but I can't use that due to hearing people whose i live with. I would like to have my privacy to hear on my own. They don't have to hear loud music, voices from the tv and movies. If you know what I mean. That's what I am looking for resolution. Any links you can provide so I can research which is better for me to buy one. Please help me for that. Thank you for read my msg. :cool2:


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That's a good question. That's something I could have used years ago when my whining sister was living with us. :roll: