Happy valentine's day y 'all


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Now it is here what you lovebirds will do or whoever is dingle todo for today? I will continue to spoil myself to feel pretty for no reason lol have fun y'all ;)

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I am snowed in. My date can't drive in this weather so we will have Valentine's Day in March when he is home from vacation. I will watch romantic movies on Netflix today. Happy Valentine's Day!! :hug:


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Lookin' forward on <3 sales what I need 2 buy 4 mahself n' mah son. N' it's time 4 meh 2call some of mah buddies from old skool. That's abt all I have 4 now. Have a Great <3 Day!


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Lol nice but yeah don't have to celebrate if u are alone but open wine bottle and go mmm ;) anyway have fun ;)

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Wife and I celebrated last weekend without kids and its hard to get a place in the restraunts here as they book early and are usually filled before we even think about it. So we celebrated at a nice restraunt that wasnt crowded from the holiday as well. Worked on our ASL as we dined as well.

On a side note, Happy Valentines to everyone here, enjoy!