HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Oddball!!!!!!!

Fly Free

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:birthday: to youuuuu!!!!!!!!!! ILY my friend!!! Hope ur day is a GREAT one for u!!!!!!! :hug: TONS!


Happy Birthday to you!!
Happy Birthday to you!!!
Happy Birthday, Deeeeeeeear Oddball!!
Happy Birthday to you!

Remember those My Little Ponies for little girls??? I found something that's for the ladies!!! Here's your birthday present (pending bbnt's paid endorsement) and have a :party: !! ;)

*runs away and hides*


Prayers for my dad.
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Happy Birthday Oddball. :birthday:

Take bbnt on a vacation with you some where far far far away on some Island. Make sure you ask for the specials which all you can eat meals, sex toys.. etc... :naughty:

Have fun girl and take some pictures too. :hug:


Stay weird
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:rofl: HAHAHA you guys are damn funny. BBNT, let's do :deal: to give me tons of pleasure!! :cheers:

I love your gift, Deaf258!! hahaha :D

:hug: everyone!!