Hand Cleaner products for Cerebral Palsy individuals


I am looking for an inexpensive product that will help people with cerebral palsy and limited hand/arm movement clean their hands and stay hygienic..

For example, one person's arm mobility is so limited, they can't touch hands (which means they can't scrub).

Any ideas? Amazon prefered, but won't say no to other online stores.

Thanks! :aw:


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Maybe a way to completely immerse and passively soak the hands in some soapy water would work?


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maybe invent something, motioned sensor operated. A bucket with an opening, run by a pump. Stick hands in, its sprays sanitizers, pull out and either towel pat dry or stick under a heated blower thats motion operated? Simple


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Is this method for home use alone, or in an institutional setting with caregivers, or what? That can make a difference.


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I have a cousin with CP and he does fairly well, just cant live on his own, but he can care for himself... How severe are the ones you are refering too?


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I couldn't find anything on line but some kind of rotating soft brush hand the could put onto the faucet and have a bottle of liquid soap that could be pumped on the person hands and when you turn the water on it will get the brush moving. Something a carwash setup but for the hands .
No I haven't been drinking ! :giggle:


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or use a small towel to wash hands and arms for face? I have cerebral palsy as well but I can take care of myself but so far.. I don't drive but I use cane since my balance got a bit worse tho..


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well.. when I was doing manicures we had this sponge saturated with nail polish remover
N P R sponge in container
How about making something like that for hand washing ? saturated with soapy solution?
then it would be easy to simply rinse hands off, and dry with air dry?

also, it could be fairly easy to attach upright two round brushes to the piece of waterproofed piece of plywood, or other material, immerse it in the bowl with soapy water and simply move the hand back and forth up and down between the brushes?

found this:
something to the tune

above is a home made shoe cleaner/polish, but.. you get the gist :)
or, if dexterity allows, someone may attach the round brush to the screwdriver


to get the idea
industrial round brushes

I believe you can attach anything, sponge including, to some heavy surface
to act as scrubbing medium.



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another, simpler ideas:

find such brush (this one is pipe cleaner from UK):
blue brush
and attach somehow to the sink?
or, remover some spokes from the, say, fridge grill shelves and insert instead
the longest pipe or bottle cleaner. space them appropriately for the hand to fit and be cleaned. attach the whole doodad to the sink?

white fridge shelf

bottle brush

as a last resort you can always buy this machine
automatic hand washer
only I don't know where..
oh, here is another one, wall hang type. but ouch, slightly pricey..
although, maybe worth the money?
restaurants order, maybe?