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May 3, 2018
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Era Cruise is a luxurious brand-new steel cruise-ship boasting state-of-the-art contemporary design features. Our impressive and stylish interiors are staffed with an enthusiastic and well-trained crew. Era Cruise promises to bring you incredible services and a truly memorable experience in Ha Long bay.
Fitness Center
The Era Fitness Center enables you to enjoy your leisure time using the latest facilities while you maintain and build your fitness.
Relax, rejuvenate and enrich your mind, body and spirit with the most comprehensive fitness and wellness offerings at sea.
Golf is a sport enjoyed world-wide by millions of people. Our staff speak the international language of golf allowing you to tee off with other golfers from every corner of the globe.
Our Rooftop Sundeck provides a mini-golf course where you can take a relaxing stroll while improving your game and taking in the breathtaking sights and sounds.
Medical Care Service
In the unfortunate event that you might require medical attention while aboard one of our vessels, Medical Center staff are available to assist 24 hours a day.
Local medical facilities however may be limited in some ports of call.
Reception Lounge
The comfortable cruise reception lounge is exclusively reserved for our customers. Era Cruise’s reception is happy to provide you with all the information you need to truly experience the delights of Cat Ba and take advantage of all we have to offer on the cruise.
All the members of our professional, attentive reception staff focus on making your stay a success. Feel free to ask the helpful and enthusiastic staff for any suggestions or tips.
Galaxy Coffee Lounge
Located on the Lower Deck with a spectacular and vast ocean view, the Galaxy Coffee Lounge is spacious and comfortable and the perfect spot to unwind or chat with friends. Designed with a stylish interior built with a stunning range of materials, the lounge staff with be happy to indulge you with cups of aromatic tea, gourmet coffee and conversation.
Era Cruises Restaurant
Era Restaurant provides our clients a uniquely personal style of dining. With seating for 45 diners, our upscale restaurant serves exceptional menus including a range of seasonal à la carte dishes, delicious BBQ and a wide ranging buffet.
Era Restaurant is situated on the top deck and offers spectacular views of the ocean, while simultaneously boasting an intimate ambiance that allows for an exceptional gastronomic experience. You will be treated to flattering candlelight, exotic flowers and an incomparable view under the sparkling stars of Lan Ha Bay. Our restaurant provides a faultless setting for relaxed gatherings with friends, romantic meals, birthdays or anniversaries.
Our team guarantee to deliver flawless customer service and impeccable meals prepared from only the freshness ingredients.
Shop and Lobby
Our Shop and Lobby boasts jaw-dropping interior design with high-end amenities to make you feel welcome and stimulate your more creative impulses. We invite our guests to indulge their artistic impulses and create amazing works of art or simply take a short break after a long day of sightseeing.
Skyline bar
Our Skyline bar is the ultimate venue for a bite to eat with a glass of wine or an exotic cocktail. You can enjoy your evening’s refreshment either on the stern of the cruise ship overlooking the beauty of peaceful Lan Ha Bay or at our inviting indoor bar.
A vast assortment of cocktails, local and international beers, and wine will keep the conversation flowing late into the night. Try our Era cocktails for a fun and energizing spin on a classic or one of our wide range of delicious non-alcoholic beverages. Our attentive service staff will ensure a great night out is had by all.
Starry Mini Cinema
With a full length window offering an oceanic view of the starry sky, our entertainment center contains 30 soft plush luxury seats equipped with a the latest super-size LED screen so you can sit back and take in the latest releases in unrivaled comfort.
This entertainment center also functions as an impressive convention space for meetings, events, and private parties.
Ocean Spa
When you arrive at our luxurious Ocean Spa you will be met with the delicate scent of herbs and our accommodating staff. It is the perfect place to relax and revitalize your body and soul while receiving one of a range of massages from our fully trained team of technicians.
We are proud to ensure the pinnacle of inner-peace as you explore the revitalizing steam rooms and saunas, and the tranquility of the massage center. Treatments available include body therapy, slimming massage, facial care, body wellness, foot care, and nail spa.
Rooftop Sundeck
The incredibly spacious Rooftop Sundeck covers 395sqm and is a favorite venue among our guests to witness unforgettable sunsets over the bay or lay back on the sun berths for stunning star-gazing.
It provides a mini-golf course and sun lounge for guests to enjoy a book or a drink or to simply relax and sunbathe. It’s a peerless place to meet fellow passengers, share travel stories and witness the perfect panoramic views of the stunning bay.
It is no exaggeration to say that Era Cruise is a modern masterpiece floating on the magnificent majesty of Halong Bay – the pride of North Vietnam.
We are sure after your stay with us, you will agree with our slogan: “Sophisticated – Elegant – Luxury”,