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Aug 13, 2019
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Better late than never, after months of plunking around this sight I guess I'm sepost to tell my story here, long story short, tinnitus as far back as I can remember didn't know it was a problem, late 20's loss started didn't know it was a problem, 55 geen turned on big problem but didn't know, took a few years but my demon was finally named, my hearing witch I knew not was a problem became apparent, with my condition now under control my loss has been slowed, only losing 5-10 db/year, I won't be profoundly deaf for another two years at least at best 4-6, another difficulty of my condition is memory witch is making relearning ASL hard, I learned back in my 20's for work but now a lot has changed, I can comprehend more than I can sign,I could tell more but no one in my life wants to sign, except for the cashiers at the grocery store they always sign thank you when I check out