Google play tv shows and movies not subtitled


Last week, my 9 year old wanted to watch the first xmen Wolverine movie with me. So I went to Google play and ordered a wasn't subtitled and worst of was on a Google tv!

Of course I demanded a refund which I got back and at the same time I ordered the same movie on Amazon. The only subtitles Google play provides is for foreign movies! Who makes retarded decisions like that?

I emailed the Google play folks demanding that they need to stop thanking me for feedback and do something about it.

Am wondering if the new fcc regulations can force Google play to start providing captions?


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There is a captioning law in the US that all online movies and shows needs to be captioned by 2014....I think?
The law does not cover movies. What it covers is stuff that is shown on TV or internet only shows (like the Netflix original programming). They've never had control over the movies, which is why so many movies still have no captions when you buy the DVDs (remember the Up fiasco?).

Additionally, it doesn't matter at this point, apparently, if the streaming service must support captions, because I didn't see any provisions for that in the rules. As long as the TV shows are captioned, and the device can process the captions, then the law is fulfilled. It's like they forgot the middleman.

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