German parents taken to court for refusing to implant son


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Although Hochi is now banned, he often stated that around the world implants are being forced on the parents. Well, here is an example of just that.

You can read the original article here:
Use your translate this page option in the browser if you don't read German.

In this case the parents are Deaf and chose to not implant their son. The ENT's attitude seems to be that Deaf parents are not competent enough to make decision regarding what is best for their child and require "external support". It makes me wonder if this would have risen to the point of taking them to court if they had been hearing parents.


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It's still not decided yet but I can't imagine that they get through it. There are now two court cases.. another one in the city of Trier


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This case is complicated by it being a dispute between parents. It's hard to see the dad being willing to enforce this point of the divorce decree, but I also wonder if the mom is not making too big a deal of it. If the dad has custody less than 30% of the time, rough number, it will do the child no harm to go without on those days. Children of divorce navigate a lot more confusing things than this.