gators is HUGE monster at 22ft long!!


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Croc-zilla: First picture of the 22ft-long monster that terrorised Australian community
Pictured: The 6.5m crocodile which terrorized an Aboriginal community | Mail Online

Even Crocodile Dundee would think twice before tackling this monster.

At 22ft from its snout to the tip of its tail, it’s as long as a truck and terrorised locals in a remote Aboriginal community in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Fortunately for them it is now dead, having been shot by farmers whose cattle and goats it kept attacking. But the bad news is that two more giant crocodiles are believed to be still in the area – and could be even bigger than this one.

This picture, showing a little girl examining the dead reptile, has been circulating on the internet for some time but its origins have always been unclear.

Now, however, a man has claimed it was killed by members of his farming family at Manangoora, around 600 miles south-west of Darwin, in 1997.

Jeida Francis said: ‘It was massive. This one was getting nasty and too close. It was attacking our cattle.’

The crocodile weighed so much it took two powerful Toyota 4x4s to pull it from the Wearyan River.

The remaining two crocodiles are thought to still be alive - and have grown to the same size as this gargantuan 22ft monster.



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Damn, that's a big, fat and huge croc. It looks like it probably weighs over 3000 lbs.


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That's a gator, not a croc. Look at its jaws.
I was referring to the relationship of the thread heading to the story, not the photo. Sorry about that. :giggle:

I was wondering about the picture. His teeth show but I wasn't sure if the body was distorted from bloating after death. :dunno:

What are these key differences? They are mainly based around features of the skeleton and body, and you've already mentioned one of these — the difference in the shape of their heads. Alligators and caimans have broad U-shaped snouts, whereas crocodiles have narrower V-shaped snouts. There is some variation (for example Mugger crocodiles have a very broad snout like an alligator, and some subspecies of caimans have an almost V-shaped snout). Alligators are recognizable because the upper jaw overlaps the lower jaw, and hence all the teeth of the lower jaw are hidden from view and fit into depressions in the upper jaw. With crocodiles the teeth interlock more evenly, and those in both the upper and lower jaws are clearly visible when the mouth is shut. The large fourth upper tooth in particular is easy to spot in a crocodile, but not an alligator.
Animal Planet :: Ferocious Crocs

How can you tell the difference between a CROCODILE head and an ALLIGATOR head?

1. When the mouth is closed, a croc's teeth STILL SHOW, and a gator's does not.

2. Gators have BLUNT heads and horny backs; crocs have less bumpy skin and longer, narrower heads.

Other facts:

3. Crocs are found in Africa, Asia, Australia & the Americas. Gators are found only in China and the Americas

4. Most if not all crocodiles are considered endangered species. Most gators are not.

to figure LENGTH OF GATOR: Measure length of skull x 7.5 = length of gator
Taxidermy Gators, and Deformed Alligator heads and feet

FWC - Differences Between Crocodiles and Alligators

I'll defer to you on this one. :lol:


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its not fake - it was on the news the other week

If you noticed in the article, it said the photograph has been circulating for a few years, but no one could verify its authenticity. Plus, the head looks abnormal for a saltwater crocodile or even a Johnson's, bloated or not. Plus, look at the stark differences in the quality between the truck, the crocodile and the little girl.

Kinda reminded me of the Pigzilla photograph where the boy posing in it sat back a few meters to make the hog look bigger than it actually was.


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Gives me the chillies/willies when I read something like this!

And my son went out to the dock yesterday, came back in and said he saw an alligator out there and was quite big.....there is a very high enbankment, so the alligators cannot climb onto dry land.....Might just go ahead and call Wildlife Rescue and see what they will do....