Friday - What are you doing that day?


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I'm curious, Since today is Wednesday, Do you have any plans for Friday?

I'm excited for Friday to come up as I will be hanging out with a friend of mine on Friday night... it'll be so much fun as we will be going out to dinner, hit the mall, and go to theaters to watch a movie, most likely Angels & Demons. Then we probably will be heading over to my house to have some drinks and perhaps watch couple movies. We sure will be stay up quite late.

So what are you guys doing for this Friday?

Friday happens to be my fav day of the week. :)


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To me this Friday will FINALLY be the first Friday I'm off since I signed on with walfart almost 5 months ago. Fridays at the Walfart's pretty hell enough esp when its a 2 truck night.


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I will be cramming for finals this friday. School's over next week and i'm gonna look into going out of town during summer break. I gotta get out of the house soon.


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Thank goodness it is Wednesday!! rough week so far. :whip:

My finals are done. 4.0 intact - :dance2:

Friday, after work, I will be having fun with my angelbabies (Grandchildren) that always makes a rough week worth it :wiggle:


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Exam to do on friday --- then after that after work, look forward to set up the new mount LCD arm for my PC.


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I dunno, but all I know I have to babysit from 2 30 PM till 4ish PM and rest of the day, go home and relax. That's all I can think of! :lol:


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This Friday?

Work and at 8pm I'm off to my Yoga/Tai Chi class :D which lasts one hour but the center is open until 10pm so chilling around some more before driving back home. :D



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Have fun!!! :D

Staying home Friday night...

On Sat... We will go to a Yankee candle factory to see how they are making the candles..

On Sunday ... We will go hiking at Washusetts Mountain! :)


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That would be the day I finally can get out of my parent's house because I have been dogsitting their dogs for nearly two weeks now.

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Ohh..come onnnnnn. There will be no Friday for me. It's gonna be a busy day for me as well as Saturday for the DeafNation. :(


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It's my day off Friday!! If we don't have any children then hopefully my mum and me will go shopping or something. My sister is away for 4 days to a music festival tomorrow so hopefully mum and me'll spend time together and have fun :D