Frederick, Md


Hey, everyone! (If this is the wrong section for this discussion, please direct me to where it would better fit.)

I'm hearing and my fiance is Deaf. I'm about to start my Master's program in the Fall and he is continuing with his Bachelor's degree. We should graduate around the same time (Spring 2018), though I will have a few summer courses before I graduate.

We were hoping to marry soon after graduation and move somewhere near Frederick, MD, because of the large deaf community there. Is there someone on here that can tell me more insider information about the area?

Career-wise: I will be a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and hope to have d/Deaf/HoH clients because I know sign language (we need more signing therapists, right?) and have learned much about deaf culture and community. My fiance will be working in the field of computers and IT. Where we live now in New Jersey doesn't have a strong deaf community. We have to drive about an hour for deaf meets and events. We want to be surrounded by more deaf people once we are married and able to live and work away from our parents.

Can anyone provide me information about the deaf community in Maryland? We will of course do our own research and trips in the area, but having someone that already lives and knows the area well would be very helpful.

Thank you!