FM systems with HA use?


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Hi everyone, :wave:

I have been an FM user for a very long time (remember the big box radio things of the early 90s?)....but now that I'm not a student, I find myself wondering if an FM system is still something I want/ aids are currently about 3-3.5 years old and I've broken or lost the antenna for the FM system (although I assume those are replaceable if I wanted to stay with it).

So I was hoping for some advice and here are some of my stats to help you out:

severe hearing loss (can't recall db right now) in both ears
currently use iLink by Phonak with Smartlink SX FM system
work in a private office for clinical research...occasionally talk on the phone but always take out aids first, use bluetooth on my cell phone, use the FM system for the cell phone bluetooth as well as for lectures/presentations that I attend at least once a week

if anyone has input that would be great! :ty:


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If you feel like you still need the FM for whatever, work, meetings, who knows what, it's completely up to you. Everyone have their own uses for FMs.

Myself, I only used my Phonak FM system to listen to music or DVDs, I never used my FM for anything else. But I don't use the FM anymore now that I have the Hatis Epic ear hook to listen to music with.


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Personally I think that FM is VERY overrated. I mean the people who push its usage make it sound like the typical listneing situion is a construction zone where jackhammers are being used. I know when I asked abt using my college's FM, they said that I was the first person in a few years to ask about using it. Most prelingally dhh folks tend to drop FM usage post high school. Also, I mean there are just SO many other different ALDs to use....that buying an FM device specificlly for that use just seems like overkill.