Finding Deaf Community!?


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Lady, thanks for the globalchat link. That was pretty neat! Was happy to see there's plenty of deaf people in there and the best part is they were all older! I was afraid it would be filled with teenagers but NOT! Thanks! Cool! Still...hoping to find deaf events near me or even meet just one deaf person in my area and make friends. I never realized how alone I felt until now. I used to live in Chicago IL where there was so many deaf and I took it for granted. Wow. Moved to Jax, FL, and...nothing. Anyhow, I'm not giving up. I'll keep searching.

I live in Jax -- I am sorry you had difficulties. A lot of deafies aren't technologically inept here, but most of them use Facebook and write about events there mainly.

We have Silent Dinner on last Wed of the month at Avenue Mall's food court (at Southside and US-1). Michelle Fletter is the hostess. Type in Jacksonville Silent Dinner for Facebook. It will come up.

Deaf club - Jacksonville Deaf club has a Facebook page that you can join. I would contact Michelle Fletter for she is the secretary. She is very friendly and welcoming even to new visitors!

Darvin hosts JaxDPHH --, and you also can find the FB page about its events.

Deaf coffee chat? Michelle Fletter hosts it as well. It is this friday at 7pm but you can go early to eat or something. Starbucks at Mandarin
14560 Old Saint Augustine Road. Just type in Jacksonville Deaf Coffee in Facebook search.

ILRC Wii bowling event? 5pm next Friday (15th). Potluck dealio. It's a popular social event. On Facebook too. But check out ILRC calendar of events -- they also put in other community events for the Deaf.
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There are some ASL club events that the students post on Facebook as well. FSCJ and UNF. There are other events in St Augustine but they are geared for the younger crowd.


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I saw the Pepsi ad about that. I love it when the deaf men tried to figure out where someone who is deaf are at home but where. One of them got the idea that if they honk the horn maybe the lights will come on. Sure enough, there is many house lights on and only one of the houses did not have the light on. Bingo, that is where the deaf live. They went up the door and push the button for the light inside flashing and the deaf person answer the door. Pretty neat, eh? I will never forget about that spiffy commercial. :)

Enormous risk, dangerously low reward. :lol:

*honk for 10 minutes straight at Midnight*

*puts on Trollface*