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So when does your final exams start? Mine won't start until the beggining of June and I would graduate on June 12th. Exams suck MAJOR ASS! :mad2: bleh so what 'bout you peeps?



hahah you should that joke picutre in joke section oh well
that's funny picture!!


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It's not same when I was your age...

Why... I had final exam on last of May. :mrgreen: I wasn't panic anyway. Because I have been studied enough. ;)


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mine is this week and last friday. Today is our last day, which it was really great. make up for exams, tomorrow.. then I WILL have alot of free time, tmw. thats so nice!


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:rofl: that's so old news I used to take finals like a year or two years ago in college and I figured that I never wud do good on tests cuz I never liked to STUDY but I wish u guys best of luck when u do take finals exams :mrgreen:


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Steel, get off the computer and do your study serious for your final exams. Go away.

Don't ever come back until Final exam is over. :P

Steel X

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Originally posted by A Bum Cat
I'm taking my final exams tomorrow and Thursday then I'm done for the summer! WHOOO!! :mrgreen:
lucky cat... i just wish i could take them like, NOW so i would get my vaction started earlier than expected...dammit! :mad2: