Fill in the blank--unlimited version


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Let's give this one a try as well. Anyhow, all one has to do is fill in the blank, however, more than one word can be used. Be creative, be funny...just as long as no member's usernames is used and please, be respectful as well. :ty:

Here's an example:

I rode my _______ to my friend's house.

Possible answer: I rode my tri-cycle with a rope attached to my dog, but dang, my dog didn't know the directions to my friend's house.

Just fill in the blank and then create another statement for next poster to fill in. ;)

Here's the first one:

I went to the airport and I freaked out when I saw ________ .



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I went to the airport and I freaked out when I saw Fideo Castro smoking a cigar.

I flew to Los Angeles to see ________.


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haha funny .. cracked me up with the prez bush's teeth

I saw many angels in heaven.

I saw many __________ on the road.


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standing outside naked at this hour?

After seeing President Bush with his teeth knocked out and standing at my door, I ran to get the _______________________-