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I guess I'll look for a female roommate who wants a free rent.

I'm feeling like an unwanted piece of garbage because no one want to be my date week in or week out. Who cares whether I sell 5 or 25 bikes a week. I'm a worthless human being. Maybe someone will want a free rent and make me happy.

I refuse to go to therapy. Therapy is retarded. Sorry, but they're a waste of time. I don't care who benefits from therapy. They're not there for me.


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welcome back to allDeaf dereck

has any of the ladies you asked who turned you down for a date, ever tell you why?

ladies, most of them anyway wont be attracted to someone who feels himself to be a worthless human being

maybe refusing therapy isnt the right way to handle it, maybe it was that methodology of therapy and that paradigm of therapy that was the issue

maybe you need a different approach?

the kind of lady who will shak up with for free rent for favours prob isn't the type of lady your really looking for?

think about it
also i'm sure chigaco has plenty of ladies who will not only move right in with you for free rent, but prob rob you blind or worse while they're at it

becarefull who you invite in man

its a ...pooch eat pooch world
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Best advice I can give. Set a really impossible goal. Like running 50 miles nonstop or something you think its really badassly tough.

Then, fight like crazy until you reach that goal.

Your self-respect/self-esteem will go way up, and suddenly you'll notice people start treating you differently too.


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I know I you wouldn't take this advice but this a really bad idea ! There a lot dishonest people out there looking for setup like this. Yeah sure there a lot of people that want free rent but you're opening yourself up to a lot of trouble by going this . If you do get a female roommate it doesn't mean she going want to date you. She could very bring along her b/f or partner and who know who else she will have moving with her ! Please think about this really hard before you get yourself in a situation that will be very hard to get out of . Once you invite someone into your home they're going to have rights too and needs to know just what you're will be getting into. Please play it safe !

And you're NOT an unwanted piece of garbage , I don't take the time to care about garbage that is stuff you put out with the trash and you are not trash !
I am sorry you feel this way but it not true .
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Kai Onca

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Derek, do you really want to degrade yourself and feel used by a mooching woman who will just give you some grief and rob you blind and shes gone along with your identy info without a word when another opportunity arises for her? Fix yourself before getting involved with someone.

For the Therapist remark stop using your friends if you refuse to get a professional help and keep repeating yourself over and over refusing to listen.

You apparently need the help but we cannot help you if you refuse to really want the help, ask a doctor to try medication and see if your mood gets a boost.

Take care and keep biking on


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Derek, do you have a job? If not, you may need to consider about find a job that may help you out of depression and distracting from bad experiences.

If it isn't working out, have you consider about admit to hospital (in psych ward)? I recommended if you have no medical issues and don't require a lot of medicine to keep you stabilized since psych ward isn't paying attention to patients with medical issues that ended up with wrong medicines and destabilize their health and quality of life (not sure about condition in Chicagoland).

If you aren't happy with therapist so try to find different therapist? Are you ASL user? If so, I recommended you to find a deaf therapist with ASL. It should be easily available in Chicagoland.

It isn't ideal to invite strange woman to your property and they could be infected with HIV and STD, so it could make your relationship more worse. I had seen a lot of unhappy couples that ended up in divorce or nasty situation (including domestic violence). Your mental health needs to be stabilized before you could looking for relationship and please could you to be honest with therapist. There is warning - you could lose the property if you getting charged with crime or convicted of crime (not sure under IL law) so please think twice before making anything goes wrong, even in bad situation.

Are you suicidal? If so, please talk to your friend that know about you well, if not then try to call crisis line or go to ER department (it could be leading to be admitted to psych ward).

Also, you must make sure if mental health centers (or hospitals) aren't private, for profit because they could force you to stay longer with unnecessary treatment or no treatment, so they are abusing on system to collect money.

Of course, mental health in US is in crisis, but I know that Chicagoland and DC metro do have good mental health system - make sure that you are sticking with public or private, non-profit.

My post is strictly only for Derek. :ty:
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