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I am doing a paper in my Global Feminisms class about feminism issues and/or discrimination issues. None of my books or online readings address other-abled people. I am hearing but learning ASL and run a Meet-Up group in my area for ASL. Our group includes a deaf man, who has become a dear friend, but he can't help give me perspective of a woman's issue. So, I am looking for opinions of deaf females. I hope I have used the correct terminology and I don't want to come of presumptuous. So, if you are willing can some of the deaf women in this group answer the following?

1. As a women do you feel you are oppressed or discriminated in this country in anyway? Do you feel that this is a man's world?

2. As a person who is deaf do you feel you are oppressed or discriminated in anyway? Do you feel separated from the hearing world?

3. Do you feel that deaf women have a voice in the struggle of improving women's rights? This question is part of the basis of my paper. The few things I find on the internet says that deaf women feel that they are not being accepted by hearing women in the fight for women's rights.

4. The reason for the above is that hearing women say that the participation of a deaf women will turn the focus from women's rights to the rights of the Deaf Community. Do you agree or disagree and why?

I appreciate any responses to any of my questions above!!!