Favorite childhood movies?


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Mine were Mighty Ducks and Mighty Ducks 2.

What about you?


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I loved all the Air Bud and Beethoven movies. I used to be so obsessed with dogs. :P Homeward Bound, Space Jam, Matilda, Casper, and The Parent Trap are my other favorites.


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Oh, yeah. A couple more-- Home Alone 2 and Home Alone 3. In Home Alone 3, the makeshift electric chair was my favorite part. In Home Alone 2, seeing Marv's skeleton was too funny.


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Labyrinth, Adventures in Babysitting, E.T., Gremlins (who couldn't forget that cute Gizmo?), and Spaceballs.

Edit - I just remembered to add Princess Bride and Neverending Story.
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Watership Down. Dune. The Dark Crystal. Labyrinth. Return to Oz.

I think I must have had a very odd childhood, some of those films are actually fairly creepy!


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Captain Courageous , Lassie Comes Home , Max Brothers movies
Old Yeller , you need a box of tissues to watch this movie.
My whole family watched Captain Courageous and when the movie was over my sister said she could heard daddy crying in the bathroom.


Adventures in Babysitting, Labyrinth, Ferris Bueller, Flight of the Navigator...I also loved Clueless (saw it in the theatre twice) and the Brady Bunch Movie