Fake Kidnapping?!


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how stupid is she doing this!?! lol is she havin some kinds of schizophrenia or bipolar?? thats some kind of :crazy: news that i had ever heard of... :roll:

Police: Abduction Story Doesn't Add Up

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Police said Friday a college student's tale of being abducted doesn't add up and they don't believe there is an abductor at large.

``We do not believe there is a suspect at large, period,'' Assistant Police Chief Noble Wray said.

Surveillance video showed Audrey Seiler, a University of Wisconsin-Madison sophomore, walking out of her apartment about 2:30 a.m. Saturday in just sweats. She was found in the marsh about two miles away Wednesday, cold and dehydrated but otherwise unharmed.

Seiler told police her abductor used duct tape, rope and a knife against her.

But police said they obtained videotape of Seiler buying some of those items at a local store, Wray said.

:rofl: she is the busta for bullshitting with police!!!
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yea i read that earlier :roll: i think she would be likely to be charged with filing a false police report and maybe given a bill for the use of the time wasted searching for her for nothing (i remmy reading about a different case (in CO if i have the state correct) where someone was billed for the use of firefighters time and energies to battle the wildfires that was started by them so maybe this might be possible in the case in Wisconsin to teach her a lesson qq just a thought) --

Teekie and Purrs -- i agree with u 2 ladies -- she definately was looking for attention :roll:


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I thought it was real till I saw the news this afternoon. I said to myself aww shit what the heck wrong with her. Is she dying for people's attention or what? what is she thinking??? Her family and friends were worried sick abt her. And now her family and friends are embarrassed by her acting. Sheesh. what an idiot... :slap: she make alot of people :mad2: at her for what she had done to them. sigh


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I knew it at first place when they announced that she was missing and showed video cam from her apartment lobby.. it didnt sound right.. then it turned out that i am right .. sheesh..

I feeeeeeeeeeeel bad for her parents and her own friends and familes.. its so much embarassed... for all those work and did for her.. sheesh.. she will be facing for false information AND charge for the cost of those swat, army, polices, firemen, etc etc even helicopters.. I hope reporter helicopters subit the cost.. and all the tv shows which interputed too .. hehe.. .. (add more costs that she faces more charges.. ) she deserved it.. even no matter if mental illness or bi polar..


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That reminds me of this article I read about a girl doing something similar. This girl ran away and hid at this house. This house was owned by this guy who the police previously intereviewed when she was kidnapped before in the past. Anyway, she decided to live with this guy and told him that she wanted to stay with him. This house wasn't far away from her home. Every time the police came, she would hide somewhere in the house. As the years went by, she lived a secluded life in that house. Finally, the police found her hiding. She later admitted that she never wanted to go home. There was something wrong with her mind, which is why she was always running off and hiding.


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Maybe something snapped in her mind and did that business of weaving a story about being abducted to cover whatever she was going through. She may have some sort of a neurological disorder that's yet discovered or something. :dunno:
At the same time, I do agree with others about her going to extremes in getting the attention she desired. :roll:


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funnycat78 said:
yeah I saw it on aol I was like :ugh: she's def wants attention for nothing..

You know what would be funny as shit, if someone took her ass now! No one would go looking for her, they'd all be like "Isnt this the same bitch that we were looking for last week? I hope she turns up dead in another marsh"


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Hmm... let's hope she does get kidnapped for real, only this time... nobody will believe it. Ever heard of the story, "Boy Who Cried Wolf"?


She is NUTS! :crazy:

She was not kidnapped, she just walked away and find a place to hide for couple of days and scaring her roommate. And lied to the police about her stalker. But there was no stalker! She is crazy!!! I bet the police department is going to send her a BIG bill to her, because polices have spend all the hours looking for her.
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true, but why didnt her families or friends called police that she is missing??? but Seiler told them that she was kidnapped... thats twisted mind of her own AKA fucked up mind! tsk, i guess she need some attention of males. :roll: u know how a male are when they saw a beautiful women.... :wackit: and that is some kind of :spam:s news... :sure: