Excuse me, I got an attitude going...


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For some friggin reason, I can't even straighten my left knee ~ I was doing fine, cooked breakfast and even put dishes away after eating... then laid down on the sofa. Talked to MizzDeaf, BearyLisa and a friend, then got up... plopped back on the sofa in pain. Now as it turns out, I cant even straighten that friggin knee out ~ as long as i keep it bent, there's no pain at all.


Im friggin upset, got a big fat attitude about it


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Uh-ohh...hopefully it's not similar to what had happened to me 2 decades ago--I do hope it improves and eventually that you'll come out of whereas you'll be back up doin' da walk! ;)



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Hope your knees will get better, I'll be thinking of you. Take care of yourself Dreamer. :hug: :ily:


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I just started experiencing the same problems with my right elbow. If I try to straighten it out, it hurts and feels stiff but if I keep it bent it doesnt hurt. I wonder what that is. I have an appt soon to get it checked out.

RR...u said that happened to u 20 years ago. What did u have?


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Aw DreamDeaf, I'm sorry to hear that this had happened today..hope that leg of yours well heal in time....

Take easy hon... :hug:


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Oh DD! I am sorry about your knee and I hope it will get better real soon. Take it easy and don't put too much pressure on it by walking too much. Try getting plenty of rest. If the pain persist more than a few days, then go and see your Dr about it. :hug:


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What happened?

Fell flight down the stair way?
Slipped on the black icy?
or what...

Truly I'm sorry to hear what you've gotten into pain....knee!!!

Hopefully you could take a huge rest while you're leg up and kept good flow knee reduction prevent bad swollen.


eh DreamDeaf that sucks. I know how knee problems can be. One summer I hurt mine & had to wear a knee brace for 6 months. That wasn't no fun at all:eek3:


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Sounds like you pulled a muscle or tore a ligment/tendon. Give it a week or so before walking on it with any serious pressure if the problem keeps up tomorrow and the day after. Going to a doc wouldn't be that bad an idea either.


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DD..I think ya might have worn down your knee... it possible..best to see a doc and ask for a mri to confirm if there some knee wear down... if so.. surgery might be the option..unless ya perfer to do rehab somehow... hope that turns out okay for ya eh...


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Ouch, dd.. take it easy and rest.. if it doesnt get any better in few days.. its good idea to go and see the dr.. I will pray for you and hope your knee will be better pretty soon! :hug:


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sucker!!! I know it's no fun to have knee pain...

Put ice cubes on the towel and swap it and on your knee... It works but it only help to calm your knee painshelps to calm your pain down...