Ever played the Portal the game?.....it's now on T-Shirts...sorta ^_~


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Portal Shirt: Pics, Videos, Links, News

Portal Shirt
Using LEDs, a video camera and copious amounts of free time, Ben Heck made a fully functioning see-through T-shirt.


I played Portal over the summer...but I am on Level 15 so far. =/ (Btw, there's a YouTube video in the link...anyone know how to embed videos in a post?)


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Awesome. I remember someone made a very nice Portal weapon with a toy. I don't remember which link was. I can't even wait for next the Portal 2. :)


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Bought the "The Orange Box" for PS3 since Valve is the only company that adds closed captioning to video games. Did that to see what it's like. Beat Portal few months ago. Although, puzzle isn't my thing, it was a neat game regardless.

Probably gonna get Portal 2 just to show my support to Valve.