Enjoying music: Survey for the Deaf Community


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If you could answer any of the questions you want that would be amazing. Thank you!!
  • The stereotype is that deaf people don’t/can’t enjoy music, do you agree or disagree and why?

  • Do you personally enjoy music or do you have any deaf friends/family that does?

  • There was a symphony where the seats were hooked up to each instrument so that the seat would vibrate differently depending on which instrument was playing. Would you or friend/family be interested in attending that and why?

  • There is a new team of interpreters that are interpreting the music as well as lyrics. They interpret the deeper fuller sounds lower in the signing space and by puffing out their cheeks and with bigger signs and the higher notes signed in the signing space by ones head with more flowing or smaller signs. Just by reading that would you or friend/family be more interested in attending a concert like that and why?