Early Reading: ASL Signwriting for Infants


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Dear Forum,

(I am a hearing, adult ASL learner.)

"Early Learning" is slowly becoming more mainstream these days, perhaps it is accelerating. I was raised on the "Doman" program from IAHP. http://www.iahp.org/early-development-programs-for-children/teach-your-baby-to-read/

My wife and I are expecting in September 2015. We want to not-only use baby-sign, but also to accelerate the baby-sign using "Sutton" Signwriting, applied in the same manner of the Doman methods.

Let me emphasize that the flash-cards are very much a *game*, that is always fun and joyful with the child.

Using the cards should help clarify the distinction between ASL words and words in spoken languages. And it will also help the child to learn ASL grammar by reading (and eventually writing) ASL, as it may be logistically difficult to encounter enough immersion environments. I plan to use the same strategy to improve my own ASL grammar.

Have any forum members tried teaching a deaf or CODA infant ASL using flashcards? Whether Signwriting or English-gloss? Whether via the Doman, Brillkids, Shichida, or other methods?

Steven Bhardwaj