Dropping by to say hello!


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I had actually came on to see if I could find an old photo of my audiogram from ions ago. Only to find that tiny pic isn’t a thing anymore. So they aren’t there!
Always nice to see that Alex hasn’t burned the place down either.
Hope everyone is well. New and old members, and all my close friends from here know how to find me. ❤️


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If your audiologist or his/her business is still in existance you can get a copy of your audiogram from your patient records on site. Its probably digital form now instead of paper by order of the US Government a few years back.

I usually keep a paper copy or have it memorized and when I get a new audiogram I can brief the audiologist how the hearing changed over the years. The last one as of two years ago certainly showed a total loss of hearing above a certain pitch due to age etc. (And wear and tear etc) Its progressive. However since I am already a little bit deaf going on alot of deaf there is no problem.