Driving w/o a license/insurance/registration legally


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If your gonna use it as regular commuter traveling, I wouldn't recommend using them. Its for your safety because if you get hit, your pretty much screwed up and your health insurance may refuse cover them if your in accident. The risk is not really worth taking.
Be safe, register, get insurance and take lesson on motorcycle safety and get motorcycle license.


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gee- I dont know. Have you tried them out yet? test drive one and see how long it takes you to drive the path you want to use it for? I am thinking you might think its a cool toy- but when you try to use it daily for real daily transporting- you might be frustrated.

I am thinking that if you took a step up and get the scooter - the registration is cheap.18 bucks for a lifetime of you owning it. it should be fun to get the m1 license classes. Once you get it, you have it for the rest of your life and you never know- you might want to upgrade as you get older.


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I posted in another forum and got the answer I need. The DMV website was so confusing (I promise I tried)

I know now...
1, it can be motorized but it must also require human power (pedals)
2, it can't go over 20mph
3, No more than 1000 watts in the engine.

With that information, I was able to pick this: TAILG Electric Bicycle Scooters E-BIKE TDR344Z 64V 350W No Driver's License ! on eBay!

But in a different color.. Thank you! :)
That's cute. With a 20mph limit I guess you don't need it for driving to work or school, just around the neighborhood? It's just for fun?

Oh, I just noticed that the one you want goes 30mph. Would that be a different classification?

No matter what, please wear a helmet and reflective gear.


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it can be motorized but it must also require human power (pedals)
Those are called "mopeds".

They are fun, but, you need to be careful of what you buy. The market is flooded with cheap Chinese crap mopeds. Definitely will get what you pay for.

There are very few decent low-priced mopeds out there, like Lifan, Kymco, etc, and you should buy from a local dealer so that you can get it fixed when it breaks. I would not buy online unless you are mechanically inclined and know exactly what is broken and have the tools to fix.

Another alternative to the moped is installing a gas-powered engine to your bicycle. There are many kits out there. As long as they are less than 1000 watts, they are legal.