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I dream a lot. If I have a bunch of stuff going on around me I dream about it at night. If I watch something on T.V. I may easily include it in my dreams. But sometimes I can not relate my dreams back to anything. Recently I have had some crazy dreams and I can't justify where they originated. I was just curious if anyone knew about analyzing dreams on here? Or if anyone would like to share their thoughts about what dreams mean?


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You are not the only one. I am like that too. I do have crazy dreams which I could not interpret what the dreams were about. Some dreams make me feel uncomfortable and trouble. Other dreams means a lot to me and make me feel good about myself in the dreams. I don't know if there is any dream professional to help us what the dreams mean so that we can understand what cause our dreams to be bad or good. Otherwise, we will just leave the dreams as mysterious. :hmm:


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I think dreams are our subconsious playing images from the previous days, thoughts, feelings, and reflections of our lives in symbols. For instance, dreaming about caves could mean that you feel trapped in some way or another in an aspect of your life.

Some dreams may not mean anything, could just be left over images, thoughts from movies, books, anything, that our subconsious has played in our heads in weird ways.


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I had a dream of bats, years ago when I was young, maybe around 16 yr old. My dream have no surrounding environment. I dreamed of a guy I met/know who is just standing there and I was standing several yards from him. I wanted to step closer to him, but I was rooted at the spot. We never spoken a word to each other in the dream. He somehow appeared to be somewhat vampire-like and have swarm of bats (I would say about 15 of them) flying around him. He was beckoning me to come closer but I still couldn't move. By his unsound command, his bats were flying in circle around us, and slowly trying to narrow the gap between us. But it seems that it only made him come closer, and I never moved. Then finally he decided to send me one of his tamest bat (a cute tiny one) to me and I get to hold and pet it. He smiles, pleased that I adore it. Then the dream ended.


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For some reason, last night I had a dream that I took hubby and son to a concert. That wasn't too bad except that I hate crowds. It was the band that was in concert that left me totally puzzled. REO Speedwagon!!! Haven't heard them in years!!!! (Yes, I'm getting up there in age)