Draw an otter


I posted something over a year ago asking the same thing but never followed up on it. Now I will!

I'm going to Ireland later this month and plan to get a tattoo there.. It's going to be a very small otter. If anybody skilled is willing to draw something for me, let me know and we can email or VP to discuss the details. Compensation is negotiable, especially if you are a tattoo artist.

The basic details:
  • Not a photograph looking drawing.. more on the cartoony side.
  • Half and inch by half an inch
  • Because it's so small, it can't be in full color. There can be some, say... water or seaweed around the otter or holding a small pink shell. We will discuss that.

I've found a bunch of cool ideas on google and other websites that I could use but I would absolutely love it if a Deaf person drew my tattoo.

Email me at christinekanta@gmail.com


Mister Potts

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Saw this, thought of you, warpedpink.


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