Dramatization (as In Not Happening Yet) - Bbc Live News, Nuclear Attack Against The Uk


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Dramatization - BBC Live News, Nuclear Attack Against The UK (34:47)
A simulation of live BBC coverage of an escalating Turkey/Syria/Russia/NATO conflict. Ripped from the pages of today's headlines, this is a fast paced and chilling depiction of events rapidly spiraling out of control. Don't watch this, like I did, right before you go to sleep.

Originally designed for fear response testing. This video is merely a dramatization, it is not real.

This video presents a fictional live BBC news broadcast showing escalating conflict between Russian and NATO forces, culminating in a full scale strategic nuclear attack against the United Kingdom.

Please use this video with due consideration. While you are welcome to copy and use this video, in doing so you accept full and absolute responsibility for any and all consequences as a result thereof.

The content and implications of a scenario such as the one presented in the video are unsettling, and is intended to remind people how quickly things might change, how important it is to value what we have and to take less for granted, and to recognise how fundamentally unprepared we are as individuals and as a society for any such event.

Nuclear Attack UK Live News (updated July 2016)



Especially interesting that this should come out around discussion of renewing Trident and whether it will remain in Scotland. Certainly alarming though. I am always a bit concerned that we'd be more of a target than the US.