Does anyone who has experience Cyber-security?


The Master Poker
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Hello, I want to learn about Cyber-security because I just need job. Have you experience Cyber-security before? I am just curious. lol

Old Analog

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Back 35-8 years I started but every thing I was learning was already out of date so I though I would wate till things settled down.... still waiting :ugh:


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Cyber-Security is one of the hottest job position which require security protection from malicious attacks. This involved protecting servers, internets, mobile systems and Wifi. I don't have much experience with NGFW (New Generation Firewall), but lot of experience in Firewall. As for example that you want to design a separate networks that allow customer mobile phones bypass outside the higher level security network, while employee mobile phones can access through the company network by using the second layer authentication. So you have the responsibility designing, implementing the security protections and monitoring the network activities. You know around the world today constantly attacking and ever changing the new breaches.