Do you wish to become baby again?


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No way, my childhood sucked. And I was a stupid rebellious teen who was lucky to make it through those years alive. My adult life rules, I play by my rules and have control of my own life. Yes it is hard somedays being a single Mom, but nothing and no one takes me down, and I love my life.
If you could keep your knowledge, intelligence, etc... and be a kid again, would you do it?


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For these of you who want to go back to being a baby again, you ought to watch a movie called "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button".

That's different because it grow backward.

It asked us if we could "reset" our life to do again to fix the right thing, with or without knowledge.


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Sorry but i just had to post a reply to this

if this is a support community for the deaf then im sorry for registering as im not technicaly deaf though i do have a 43% hearing loss in my right ear, wich is probibly from listining to to much loud music, but hey i like loud music, i like heavy rock, i like heavy metal, trance, club, dance music, and it sounds clearer when you turn it up. I have Aspergers Syndrome, Pathalogical Demand Avoidance Syndrome, Servere Dyscalculia, Mild Dyslexia, Dyslexic Dysgraphia, Reactive Depreshion, Traits of OCD, Emotional and Psycological Issues, Epilepsy and Mild Developmental Delay (My Mental Age Is Close To 19 Instead Of 23). I have been an Adult Baby for 10 years and if there was a way that i could physicaly revert to being a baby all day every day for the rest of my life i would take it. Unfortunatly the only ways available are self harm through brain damage and they hold no garantee and do not include revershion of size or weight, so they are clearly not an option. Adult Babies seek nothing more then comfort, security, parental love, trust and warmth, 86% of them are emotionaly and psycologicaly driven, 50% of those are compleatly non-sexual while role playing as a baby, half of that 50% is compleatly anti-sexual regardless of weather they are role playing as an adult baby or just going about "normal" adult life, the bit left over from the 86% has some sexual element to them wich i dont understand. You dont sit a baby down infront of a porn film so why expose an adult baby to sexual stuff. I am proud to be in the half of the 50% and i am compleatly anti-sexual, so sexual stuff to me is just plain gross, icky, yucky, ewww and wrong. Diaper lovers have a sexual attraction to the diaper itself, they are not intrested in the person wearing the diaper, a diaper lover wouldent care if the diaper was being worn by a manikin. Both Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers are catigories of the umbreller term Infantilism and there is common misconception among the international societys about infantilism and its many diffrent sub catigories. The Infantilism communities are compleatly against pedophilia in any form, infantilism roleplay does not involve in anyway real babies toddlers or children, psychiatrists and psycologists and psycotheripists and nurologists and counsilers and all the other shrinks in the list know next to nothing about infantilism and if they do know somthing about it they most likley are an infantilist, there is no such thing as "Adult Baby Syndrome" it is a lifestyle and adult babies are just as "normal" as your doctor or bank maniger because there is no such thing as "normal" and the word "normal shouldent eaven be in a dictionary or language it should be replaced with unique wich is a much bettor word to use, some infantilists do have genuine incontinence or medical need for wearing diapers, not all infantilists use diapers out of 10 infantilists 2 will just like wearing them and not using them 3 will like both wetting and messing them and 7 will just like wetting them, all infantilists have an uncontrolable emotional and psycological desire to wear diapers from a young age, all infantilists grow up with constinant guilt / shame / fear / secracy and paranoia from a young age, most infantilists will be to embarised or ashamed to come out and tell people this wich is why it is still so misunderstood, infantilisim roleplay is 99% practiced in private it is very rare for an adult baby to go out in public dressed in adult baby cloths unless they are going to an adult baby munch or party or romp or some other infantilism event or a infantilism club or an adult baby nussery, adult babies do not role play as babies all the time they do have adult lives as well, some infantilists may chose to wear diapers all day every day in this case when they are not role playing or not in private they are very descrete about there diapers they were normal cloths over them in public, some infantilists have a desire to be incontinent like a baby many of these infantilists offten un-potty train themselfs by wearing diapers all day every day unless they are in rollplay or in private they are descrete about there diapers and were normal cloths over them in public if they poop in public they ushualy change as soon as they can. Many people think people who like wearing diapers are pervs, sick in the head or "retarded" (Another Word Wich Shouldent Be In A Dictionary Or A Language And Should Be Replaced By Cognitivley Chalanged), i have a few adult baby friends on face book one is a surgen in okluhoma, another is a police man in kent, another is research psycologist in france, these people are not cognitivley challanged, in many ways they know alot more then i do, out of them and me i would say im cognitivley challanged cause im the one with 9 disabilities 3 of wich are learning difficulties 2 of wich are forms of autisim and 2 are nurologic 2 of wich are psycological and 1 of wich is emotional and psycological. There were 2 or 3 posts on here relating to bad childhood experiances, the so called father was abusive to me from the time i was 3 till he left when i was 13, it probibly explains why i have always felt like i was 12 months old, i never had any friends, never had a birthday party, i found out when i was 6 santa wasent real when i cought my mum putting presants under the tree, i was always bullied in school and college and eaven at special needs school and special needs college, i never had any toys, i always had to make do with what i found on the floor, my mum and me always argued like 50 plus times a day all day every day for like 10 years, i never got to watch cartoons or disiney or go to disiney world, i was always being draged along or shoved in my room like harry potter locked under the stairs:cry:


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Yes, because for the whole of my life I have been remorselessly bullied and have had my share of painful times, also I have medical conditions that should have been sorted earlier in my life notably my outwardly twisted legs which makes it hard for me to walk.

If I could go back to becoming an infant again, if future regenerative medicine makes it possible then this would become a reset for my life to start over again and I wouldn't mind just being cared for and not having to worry about anything other than simple things.

This is not to do with the fact I am a ABDL or anything else as I have genuine reasons for wanting these things even if there impossible at least I can regress sometimes as self therapy for ptsd and other psychological reasons, although I like my independent life I sometimes think I should never have grown up in the first place.

Anyway my reasons are personal ones and if someday it becomes socially acceptable to wear diapers and suck on a pacifier in the comfort of my own home or private nursary then so be it although I would say I don't mind being a adult too although I obviously can't choose both options.

Yours sincerly


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Just reading all that...for me?? I DO NOT WANT TO WEAR THIS F#$king DIAPER AGAIN!! Oh wait... I may have to wear this again after 90?? GROAN!!
Come and think of this... it like a recycle of age.... You will become a baby again..... Sadly.... Like you rode in the will ride in the wheel chair.....


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I miss my childhood wonder and seeing the world through child eyes. But I would never return to that. I was sheltered and abused. No thank you. Haha


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If I could go back retaining my knowledge then yes. If it was just to be a baby again, no way. Actually it just like to go back and retain my self confidence. I was such a meek, unsure, push over as a kid. As an adult I stand up for myself a lot. I'd go back if I could keep at least that part.


I have thought that several times recently. It's not that my childhood was some kind of golden years where everything was right with the world. There are just certain things I like, such as having more energy. As an adult I'm tired all the time. I also would like to go to school again, because I really enjoy learning, although it was a horrible time socially.


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sure, yes.hope it gets baby twins


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I don't think so but since I believe in reincarnation I will start all over as a baby in my next life. I'm dreading it. Their are so many bad lives. I'd be lucky to get a better life next time.