Do you still watch TV?

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Never really wached, Grandma had a sop, my ma watched the fugitive ,the one where the man accused of murder chased the one armed man, based on a true story, as a family we watched Saturday night at the movies, or was it Friday, that was back in the 60s, oh! yay Saturday morning cartons, in the 80s when I grew children I allowed some educational PBS, haven't had a TV sense vcr's went to disk:hmm:why would you bring into your home what you wouldn't allow?


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So I sometimes watch TV with my family to take a break from studying. It's so hard to study and work and that's why I almost never have free time! (Then I turn to for help). Most often we watch some TV programs or movies at 8 pm because this is the only time when the whole family can be a little free and we can spend time together. Does anyone else love watching TV with their parents?
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