Do you remember music?


For all the people here who progressively lost their hearing and now are profoundly deaf, do you remember how music sounds? I'm asking because I'm losing my hearing and I'd like to know if I'll at least have the memory of music.


Music is an odd one for me. I lost my hearing gradually over 20+ years. My loss is complete in one ear, and 100dB in the other. I get by with an aid...but yeah, music. What I find is that I can hear and listen to music that I've heard before, but new music...not really. It's obviously my memory filling in the blanks. Sometimes...especially in the car...something will come on the stereo and I'll have no idea what it is. Just noise to me. But then I'll look at the display and see that it's Brown Sugar by the Rolling Stones and then I can suddenly hear it perfectly.


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Musical Tennitus…..late-deafened do have it as I do. I haven't forgotten how music sounds or the lyrics. And I've been deaf since age 14


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So far the way my aids are set up, I cannot hear bass in music with the aids in, but can without them. It sounds like an odd thing to say, but unless the bass overpowers the dampening effect from the moulds, I cant hear bass at all. I wear large over ear headphones when listening to music just so I can hear music just like the way I did before without aids. (didnt have aids for a long time (30yrs) but was born deaf) But music is only comfortable to me WITH headphones IF my aids are in... I just take them out listening to music if I wanna listen headphone free.... You gotta have that bass. However, since I suffer recruitment, it doesnt matter how loud it is, I'll NEVER know the lyrics to any song unless I have practice while reading the lyrics on screen.


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I am hard of hearing, and not specifically answering your question, hearing aids always make orchestra sound blended, and I can’t pick out one instrument from the rest of them