Decorate Hearing Aids


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I’m wanting to paint or decorate my hearings aids to make them more visible. Any suggestions? Paints that would work on earmolds?

I have a pair of Widex Evoke aids.


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Painting isn't recommended and could void the warranty if you have one. A better option is to use removal craft tape or other temporary decorations. Look on YouTube or search google for ideas - decorating your hearing aids or pimp your hearing aid. You should fine lots of info.


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Are you sure you want to decorate your hearing aids? Personally, I'm looking to buy invisible hearing aids online as aI don't want people to notice my problem with hearing. Personally, I still think we have a ways to go and the next 10-15 years will surely brin many new innovate designs.
Those hearing aids are NOT as powerful as the BTE aids. Besides, who cares? Nobody really sees them or notices them. It's not like they are those '70's era body worn aids!


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You can get colored earmolds.

For the HA iteself, skinits. Though a quick look I don't see any for Widex

You can also bing your HAs.
Please don't promote Haleigh's site. Her mother spammed this site by pretending to be a hearing aid user who had them. She also pretends that her daughter came up with the idea, when it was the parents. The profits also support AG Bell. Yes, I know some people don't care or they think being concerned about supporting audism is no big deal.