Deaf Television not improving.


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This past week I had major Surgery. At the Hospital on the Searcy Cable Network here in Arkansas they played a variety of deaf only shows that is strictly sign language.

I was intrigued and needed to get the rusted sign language relearned so I watch several of these. One was about a hour featuring four deaf. One a business owner, his manager and two workers. The ASL from all 4 was beautiful. The story plot is simple. The business engages in excessive time recording expenses in reciepts on cash paid out each week by Friday. The two workers needed to turn in Receipts every week to manager who now has to spend the weekend entering the stuff into her computer. The Owner does not know if his business made or lost money until after a given month. Its either in the black or in the red with too much debt.

The manager and owner had a business meeting that briefly decided to use a scanner to run receipts through directly into the computer as they were generated at the moment of cash spending by the workers. The Manager resisted the new policy and total change. The owner forced her to be open minded over and over and over. You have to keep a open mind. You cannot resist new changes whatever they are. Etc. 30 minutes of that. Finally the Manager agreed and taught the two workers how to scan receipts into scanner directly to her computer.

That resulted in another 30 minutes of repeated resistance from workers not used to change and told over and over again, this is what will happen. Accept this. Do not resist this. Keep a open mind and so on etc ad infinitum. The workers tried the scanner and on Friday showed up at the meeting with a bucket full of receipts to turn in. The workers pleaded confusion and still showed resistance to change that was implemented from top down without argument. This is what you have to do and accept this regardless of your hate against change, fear of unknown new things and so forth. The Manager told the workers to take that pile of receipts and throw them into the trash can. (The paper copy originals)... (So much for holding on to them against future tax audits as a business if the computers fried....

20 more minutes of repeated, accept this instruction. Do what you are told. Keep a open mind, do not resist or show anger, hate etc. etc etc etc.

The show would have been standard deaf school play stage plot material 40 years ago. Accept what you are told. You do not resist what you are instructed. You are not allowed to have your own thoughts and closed mind etc etc etc etc. Its made even worse today when I viewed that show yesterday am on my last day at the hospital.

I find it unacceptable. A hour plus of being told to accept what you are told and do not resist or close your mind. WTF? The workers had no voice at all.

They did solve the main problem that week with the new system. Profitable or too much debt that week on friday. They were profitable. Ahead and making money. They knew right away on the computer. Which the manager emphasized that she would spend very much time entering and adding up the reciepts every day of the week as the workers scanned them in. The Owner essentially did not have to do a damn thing. He told the workforce what will happen, no back talk, no resistance, open minded etc.


The workers have the option of quitting the employer entirely but no voice while employed.

I dont know about you but my lifetime in trucking demanded I made important decisions constantly, based on employer needs, customer needs, emotional and well being decisions and so on across the board all the time at work. When I left trucking I had no voice and this was with Hearing Employers with all the computer stuff that was creating new problems and enfrocement increasing from Federal and all 49 states and canada and mexico as well.

Made worse by the knowledge that if I messed up and made a small mistake I can lose my life, my freedom (Go to prison far from home or be executed) or pay fines well in excess of my income and so forth. It was not a bad life because I was free in those days. My last employer prior to trucking was London Fog as a Temp in Skyesville Maryland. 3 whole days of being isolated in a empty board room folding outgoing envelopes full of advertising (80's time no internet, no smart phones no computers) essentially a deaf workshop as a charity by the employer similar to Goodwill to show that I am improving and will meet my full potential etc. The 4 hearing managers responsible were younger than me and would make me feel low while doing this work. I quit on day three. They can fold their own blessed envelopes. Ive been in too many workshops and think of Oliver with his bowl. "May I have more" which is banned in that story. Never again.

No wonder the Deaf feels like they are stuck in the 1950's They are not taught freedom. What I saw today was not freedom but propaganda and indoctrination.

I have to do some more thinking about this. There are much better ways to write that kind of show in a much more free format. For example Owner asked his Manager and workers, are you happy with the old reciept system? Would you like a new system to make everything better? But no. He just barks at everyone telling them closed mind not permitted, Open mind only. Any resistance not accepted this is how its going to be etc.

Businesses have utterly failed and gone out of existance if they made wrong decisions company wide. Sometimes when enough drivers walk away saying (Both hearing and deaf) that they will not accept a live video in their face inside the truck all the time.

We do not have cable, Dish or anything to our home. We made the pernament decision to stop that waste and cut them off. All of the media is of no value. The American people are told this is what will be. Accept it, no arguement allowed etc. You are not free etc.

Deaf School in Columbia Maryland provided me with a language, then a education in 4 years. Then constant reinforcing freedom to marry, raise a family (Preferably another deaf etc) buy a home and some land etc. Live a good live with many kids and grand children. Maybe someday you will live up to your full potential.

Yea right. I have done all of this and then some. Its not freedom then and certainly not now. Thats why I left Maryland. Where I live in Arkansas is a free state and employers dont care if you are deaf. You are hired to do important work and are paid well. You can do all of these things here.
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Deaf TV originates by Deaf people creating it, so any propaganda is much less likely occur unless it is propaganda that Deaf people promote. Propaganda about "shut up and obey" or about "the conspiracy is false", etc., should be MUCH more prominent in regular TB, because the origin of regular TV shows is giant conglomerates who support public school brainwashing etc., whereas the origin of ASL TV is from actual Deaf people themselves. Paramount thinks that captioned shows are fine and ASL shows are not needed. You literally described a single episode of a single TV show only. It's also something that you have only ever seen in a hospital in Arkansas, have never even heard of this channel before, so therefore it could be something that is done by an Arkansas government too, if the state or county is one that typically has deaf programs via governments. Or it could be put through PBS. Your description of the plot of the show isn't understandable at all as well, so it also could in fact not actually be saying anything about telling you you should obey someone. That's another possibility.