Deaf Student Inspires Classmates, Teachers


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(KING CITY, Mo.) Kaylee Wells sits in her fifth-grade class like the rest of her classmates, gets called on like everyone else and works in groups.

She may be similar in those aspects, buithere's still something a little different; She is the only deaf student at her entire school.

"Sometimes it's sad because we had another deaf student, but he moved. And now, sometimes I feel lonely," Kaylee Wells said.

That doesn't stop the 11-year-old from learning and participating in activities at King City Elementary.

"She is in a very unique environment, and is a very lucky little girl," said Sarah Schottel.

Schottel is Wells' interpreter.

She's worked with her since she was three years old.

"Her friends also, in her class, have come together to help her and learn signing. And, that's just a really unique situation," said Schottel.

Wells' teacher is also in a unique situation.

She barely knows sign language, but said Wells is a quick learner, easy to work with, and a joy to have in class.

"She fits in so well. I cannot even imagine what it is like for her to be in a classroom and not even be able to hear what's going on. It's amazing that she's gotten as far as she has, and that's thanks to a great support system," said Julie Duley.

Wells' family, friends and the administration say she is an inspiration to not only the school, but to the city.

"She comes up in a town that she is the only one, and she does not let it get her down. She continues to strive for success, and does a good job doing it," said Schottel.

Wells is the second deaf student to ever attend King City.

Students are now required to learn sign language.

Deaf Student Inspires Classmates, Teachers -


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Hi my name is Shantel. I graduated from high school with Kaylee Wells. All of my classmates and I started to learn sign language when we were 5 years old. I still know how to sign and it was a fun experience. I have tons of memories learning sign language.