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Hi All,

Just wondering if any of you goin to Deaf Festival in London (England) called Deaf Rave ??

I Mite be goin there, not very sure but if any of user comin i would be gratful to help any of you and meet you!


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Last year Ive started going to raves.... but I havent been to DEAF raves yet!!
BUT one question got me curious....

DJs - are there any DEAF DJs?



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I'm not exactly crazy for raves. Around here, most deaf people who go to raves get drunk or high on acid before coming. When they do that, they act retarded and that ruins the fun. :(

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Yes theres a deafrave in London on the 6th August, they do it every year here.

Ive never been, but am thinking of going if I can make my friends go lol

Deaf Rave

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Chinaman - Head Deaf Rave Organizer, UK

Hi World Deafies Again!! :scatter:

I would like to say yes we do have Deaf Dj's as I'm deaf myself and a Dj too. What so Special about Deaf Rave, is that everything we do, is done by Deaf people.

It 1 Love there!! Love & Peace is what we do... :nana:

We like party and have fun, we like vibrations and dancing.

For those who don't know what Rave means...(it not about drugs or acids going on to another planet etc) blah means Party. In London we have a saying... Let go Raving...(Let go Partying)!

We have 1000 Deafies from all over UK & World come to party together, watch Deaf performers in action, deaf dancers grooving, many visual entertainment on the night!

Party 9pm till 6am Drinking & Dancing all the way in London

It so Unique, we love it!! Check out our website for more info...

Any questions or want to buy tickets for the event, email:

Chinaman - Deaf Rave organizer


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Wow.. awesome... I wouldve loved to go, but I'll be in the middle of my travelling in Europe around that month :( *bummer*



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VamPyroX said:
I'm not exactly crazy for raves. Around here, most deaf people who go to raves get drunk or high on acid before coming. When they do that, they act retarded and that ruins the fun. :(


You're 100% right. I completely agree with you and applaud you for saying so.

I will never, EVER set foot in one...for the reasons stated above, and for other personal reasons of my own.



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hey i'm going to deaf rave this year it was my frist time to there n i wiv my boyfriend also my friends ab 11 people

hope c u there

let me kw if u going or not



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That's interesting. I don't live in UK. It sounds fun. I read your website, and noticed that Aj (Dancer) was killed in a car accident. This made me think that he got out of the party perhaps 6 a.m. and got drunk... I felt bad for him. Why the party starts really so late? Why not start at around 7 p.m. until 2 a.m.?

Deaf Rave

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Hi all, I'm the head organiser of Deaf Rave - Chinaman from London, UK

Just want to say Aj died in car accident after a BBC tv (national tv) Dancing competition against hearing top dancers in the country. No deaf person ever in the UK manage to achieve what AJ did.

A barrier that this world think we can't enjoy music & life. He spirits is still with us!

He just recently qualified to a be dance teacher, sadly he never received the award. He death was not relate to Deaf Rave, but was Deaf Rave number #1 dancer and motivator (encourge to have a good time). He has inspire many deaf worldwide that Deaf people can dance.

So we Deaf Rave crew from London love music and get together, it very rare these days we get together as much as hearing people.

Deaf Rave has over 5000-7000 deaf people worldwide and all over UK to come our fantastic deaf rave parties.

Deaf Rave is now become a name that will become more famous than ever in Deaf world as we bring you our deaf culture and entertain all people!

1 Love to Aj in Heaven and to all deafies who likes to dance and enjoy meeting new deaf people!

Peace Chinaman - Deaf Rave organiser

To French people, Reims Arts/Film festival was the lick! 2600 internationals deafies united once again!! Fantastic event, checkout our website out


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And Let Me Rip It Up, once i`m a dj, u all organize festivals aiite, and i will come ova and dj but dont expect me 2 come to europe all da time :mad: coz i aint travelling like 50 cent...