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Dec 29, 2021
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Hello, I am learning ASL and I have this assignment where I need to find a Deaf blog or some other content created by a Deaf person. Unfortunatley most of the blogs on my school computer are blocked and the ones that are avalaible don't cover the topics that I am supposed to cover. Maybe if you want to, maybe you could divulge some of you opinions and ideas about these topics:

  • The effects of aging, region, and other variations on ASL and how/why signs are varied. How do signs change over time? Who decides what a sign will be?
  • The history and development of Black ASL. How have the language and Black Deaf Culture evolved and how does their history differ from white ASL and Deaf Culture? Is there still a Black ASL that is used? If so, where is it used and why?
  • Causes of Deaf-Blindness, methods of communicating for the Deaf Blind community, haptics, and additional support services/equipment required by this community.
  • Define audism, the Deaf culture view, some examples of how audism affects the Deaf, ideas of how it can be stopped.
  • Discuss the evolution of technological devices for the Deaf that have allowed them to communicate with people long distance. How did they communicate long distances before technology and throughout the processes of advancement? For each advancement, what were the pros and cons. What are some other communication devices that have failed? Why do you think they failed?
  • Discuss the technological advancements in entertainment and the levels of access for the Deaf. Begin with silent movies and follow the progress through the present day. How has technology both negatively and positively affected the Deaf and their level of access to various forms of entertainment?
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Jun 30, 2020
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Much of this information is covered by various Deaf Talents on

It's worth looking into, also a ton of Deaf Talent have YouTube channels that touch on most of these subjects as well.

You could watch from home or ask the IT Admin to allow access to these educational channels.

Hope this helps