Deaf Marry Deaf Most Often?


I remember reading “Journey into the Deaf-World” and there’s a statistic that says 9 out of 10 deaf people marry deaf. This book came out in 1996. Do you think that statistic has changed today? What's your experience, yourself and those you know?


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My first husband was deaf. (As I am too.) I didn't marry him for that reason, though. He was nice, saved me from a bad relationship, and being cute didn't hurt any :) he ended up being a jerk later so I left him. My new husband is hearing. I have not let deaf/hearing play a factor. It's the person that counts.


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Then I guess I am the 1 out of 9 lol. I am hearing and my fiancee is deaf but we make it work since I'm using sign language a lot with him and he reads lips very well.


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Husband was hearing...altho' I did date several deafies...and would have married a deafie IF I could have found someone that was compatible....*sigh*


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Well, up until I got married, all of my girlfriends were hearing.

They would kick me out of bed when I started to snore. I am happier with a deaf wife.


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Interesting :mrgreen: I would say the statistic has slightly changed. People are more tolerant nowadays.

My girlfriend is hearing and I am deaf. We're planning on getting married after we both finish university.


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Both my husband and I snore. I'm the lucky one in that I'm deaf, so I don't hear him. He being hearing, he has to listen to me. :lol: