Deaf/hoh and hearing relationships

Vanessa Escalante

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What are your opinions on relationships where one of the partners isn't Deaf or knows sign language and the other is? I've always been conflicted with this. Never felt like my relationshils worked out because we couldn't have that connection with asl which is super important to me (not that I haven't tried to make the relationships work.) Idk. I want to hear other people's opinions about it. I know Deaf/hearing relationships work out but sometimes they don't. What are your guys thoughts on this?


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I am in a hoh, almost deaf relationship. When we first got together I ask if he would learn asl. He did. I don't think I could be in a relationship without asl. I would be frustrated all the time.


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Go to Marriage, Dating & Single Life subforum. You will find plenty of deaf and hearing relationship threads about it. Hundred of them! I've been married to my hearing hubby for 8 years.


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I checked the Marriage, etc section, in case OP/this thread was there, didn't see or I just missed it...but hoh, married to hoh/oral deaf man who doesn't sign. When I met him I was hearing. He was raised Hearing in a rural town and never met a deaf <non-elderly> person growing up. We met in college when I was 17 and he was about 4 years older. Now I'm in my early 40's. I sign a tiny amount, poorly; he took a class with me taught by Deaf, few years back but has forgotten everything. he is very verbal, very technical, has some particular set thinking patterns and prefers speech. I personally prefer ASL. But, we have known each other many years - and together have range of "quirks" <I personally believe he's on the Spectrum; I myself have learning disabilities and speech differences> So... we just make things work. We're comfortable with each other.