Deaf, hearing relationships


You are right.....take deaf away, Deaf culture, and what's left is just him the individual person. He was player, and I didn't see it until now. I was sooo focused on the trying to work through the communication barrier, I thought his behavior was due to lack of trust of hearing people, not because he was just taking advantage of me....So, there are good and bad deaf; good and bad hearing people. We just need to trust what our gut is saying. It's usually accurate.

Korey Geer

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Hello Everyone,

I am Deaf and am looking for a relationship with a Deaf or hearing female qith sign language around my age. Please contact me if your interested.

Jane B.

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@korey.. You post every thread. You sound like your visa has been expired? hurry for get marry before you might get deported by agents?

What do you mean my visa was expired? I didn't put any payment information on

Korey: I think that Evo is referring to the kind of visa that is issued for travel to another country. Not the Visa charge card. Then again I don't know how literally to take what either one of you says.


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It's rare to see a woman like her who is very committed to dating a deaf guy. I guess small towns really suck so bad. It makes me realize that this the end. Maybe bigger states have better chances of getting a connection with someone special. Then again anything can happen.