Deaf Grassroots Movement (dgm) Rallys In 50 States 2016


My name is Juliet. I don't see anything about deaf grassroots movement rallys on post here at All Deaf online. I had no idea about it until later found out from someone who explained me like deaf protest that in the 50 states for deaf community who are deaf, hard of hearing and blind to be particular that would be gathering together at their states capitols to rally for civil rights for the deaf, hard of hearing and deaf blind people. The rally would raise awareness for the rights of the Deaf for equality in education, access to public service and for equal opportunities in employment. This happened started on May 4tth 2016 and some states appeared on the TV news

Check out the website for infomation at
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I thought did put some links from my post at the top. Did you see the links?

He meant the link to the AllDeaf thread that had already talked about the Deaf Grassroots Movement. Reba kindly posted it ( :ty: Reba!!).

I was going to say I recalled the 2015 one in Washington DC being discussed here and go look for the link but as noted Reba gave the link.