Damaged Auditory Nerve - CI Still Possible?


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Hello Again! What a journey I've been through so far. I'm finding so much about my SSD this past month compared to my entire life it's a bit crazy.

Anywho, I've recently found out that I wasn't actually born deaf. I lost full hearing in my right ear as a baby. Anytime between Birth - 4 years of age. The dr said the infection cause Auditory nerve dmg and this is the reason for my hearing loss.

So my question now is. Do I still benefit from getting a CI with Auditory nerve dmg? Or does this have no effect on the implant due to bypassing it?

Any answers would be of great help! Thank you!



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I became deaf after born three months early due to a combination of 5 months in Incubator and a very rapid weight gain from one pound to about 5 in the 6th month and gained at 2 or so pounds each month for a time. The head grew rapidly and failed to see the nerves that were present grow fast enough to keep up. Particularly since being 3 months early in the 60's was usually a death sentance for cases like mine to a variety of reasons.

What I do have is equal to a hearing person in bass but has become profound deaf above a certain frequency (Higher pitch) That means it takes 120 db or louder to over come the problems.

With your situation, all I can tell you is have a converstation with your audiologist Im presuming from where I am reading your case your audiologist will know if a CI or Prescription Hearing aids will help you in that one ear. What you have naturally and later in life is all you get naturally. CI or hearing aids can sometimes repair some of the losses from any cause as long you have working audio nerves inside your ear to your brain to make sense of the noise. You did not complain about losing balance or vertigo which tells me your inner loop with the fluids in it is working well to provide your brain with where you are in the world so you don't fall. Or trigger certain reflexes if you did fall.

I am gambling towards a positive result for you, however only your audiologist will be able to make a professional decision on installing or not into that bad ear. Some of that is based on the nerve damage you explained.