Created a Relaxing Live Stream.


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I have created a livestream of my bird feeder. It will be live every weekend.
Friday 10am - Sunday 6pm GMT+1 (currently)
I am fed up with having streams stating they are relaxed. But they not 100% calming aswell.
I need to sometimes sit and be quiet. So I created a safe space. With nothing but Relaxing and calming music with a view of the bird feeder. I did a small test stream last week and it was quite popular and now it has its own dedicated space. So please join and say hello. Tell me if you like the stream. Today is a wet day so the birds are not always out.


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Good idea. Watching wildlife can be very relaxing. I do thstca lot and there is a lot to see in my rural town.

I would find your stream much more relaxing without the animated bobbing bird (very distractomg) and the peaking through effect with the wood frame. Both make it harder to focus on the birds at the feeder or ground.


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Unfortunatly, the bark boarder is there to protect the public as it stops you seeing our neigbours and finding out where our home is :)
The robin is there to stop the stream being totally bland when no birds are around, thanks for your feedback. :)